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Bookkeeping and Accounting

If you have basic knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting and are looking for a way to take the administrative burden off your crowded plate, Bench Accounting is a solution we love (and use). It is web based, so pulls in your accounts, but comes with a knowledgeable team (not bots) that will learn the unique ins and outs of your monthly transactions. Their cost is based on the amount of your revenue. If you use our link, you will get $150 credit and one month free (full disclosure, we also get a referral credit of the same amount). 

Cannabis Banking and Insurance

 We have found MRV Bank to be a trusted partner for this industry. If you need these services, you might find them to be the right partner.  For insuring your business (including your inventory), give our friend David Layton a call. 

    If You Are Thinking Of Hiring A Lawyer, Here Are A Few Things You Ought To Know…

    Here Are A Few Things You Ought To Know…