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When Patti Williams escaped from the corporate world, she took with her 25 years of business law experience.  Her experience provides her with deep and diverse legal skills, as well as the knowledge of what it's like to be a buyer of legal services.   She is passionate about working with people who are creating value from their ideas, sweat, and investment. 

She is also a game-theory junkie (a skill that helps clients make better decisions) and a tech geek (which enables more predictable and efficient legal services), and an avid bird-watcher (which is not a particularly relevant skill - so avoid this topic unless you want to hear about her latest sightings). 

And while you may want to know that she has an executive MBA (Olin Business School at Washington University, with honors) and is licensed in both Illinois and Missouri, it's probably more important that you know:

  1. She knows about business.
  2. She knows the board room.
  3. She knows the court room. 
  4. She returns calls.
  5. She is not a jerk. 

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  • Regarding Litigation

    Patti is absolutely the best and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to others. What appeared to me as a frivolous lawsuit, Patti handled it with grace, professionalism and communicated so well. I'll never forget her and we won.

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