Planning and Launching



You must be crazy; most new businesses fail.

But if you know why customers will choose you over the existing market offerings, and how much they will pay, then you might be on to something.

You have a lot to focus on; forecasting revenues and costs, working out the kinks, defining your target market. While you do that, we can make sure the legal structure is in place, agreements among founders are put down in writing, that the assets (whether physical or intellectual property) are protected and ready to be deployed.

We can also assess that non-compete you may have signed with your current or prior employer, and help keep that out of the way. Or maybe you want to understand your options for raising that seed money.  

Just like you, we'll be working toward your vision of longer-term business success. Just like you, we know that seed money has to be spent wisely.

If You Are Thinking Of Hiring A Lawyer, Here Are A Few Things You Ought To Know…

Here Are A Few Things You Ought To Know…