Brandon Hall

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After meeting his (now) wife in a chance encounter in the Northeast, she convinced him to follow her to St. Louis, where she assured him  that rock and roll stardom could be realized, that there would be four great seasons annually, and that tornadoes were plentiful (he has a strange love of tornadoes, a love which most reasonable people ensure him that will dissipate as he experiences them). He hasn't yet achieved rock and roll stardom.  He has noted that St. Louis seemingly has two seasons: allergy and way too hot; but he's adjusting to humidity and a lack of snow (also strangely, winter is his favorite season), and he's yet to witness a tornado during his Midwest tenure (which he also realizes that nearly any reasonable person would be perfectly content with). 

Lover of French language, food, and culture, but has struggled to adapt to St. Louis's lack of French pronunciations for its landmarks.

Has also worked for a medical device startup, and worked for several years in government relations.

He was the winner of the 2019 Sidney M. Perlstadt ERISA Writing Award

Favorite judge is the now-retired Richard Posner from the Seventh Circuit. It's always been a side aspiration of Brandon's to make a movie entitled, “Posner”, documenting the judge's quirky life and opinions. He's always thought Larry David was perfect for the part, but has thus far resisted contacting him about the possibility of the role.

JD I Saint Louis University School of Law
BA I State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany

Prior Legal Experience:
Hammond and Shinners, PC - Associate Attorney

State:        Missouri
Federal:    U.S. District Court, E.D. Mo.
                 U.S. District Court, W.D. Mo.
                 U.S. District Court, S.D. IL
                 U.S Court of Appeals for Seventh Circuit
                 U.S Court of Appeals for Eighth Circuit

Missouri Appleseed, Board of Directors
FOCUS St. Louis, Emerging Leaders, Fall 2020

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